What the US Map Would Look Like If America Had Lost WWII

The US' involvement in WWII had been much debated during the time and its detractors had much to say why the US should stay out of it. History tells us that the US did enter the fray and through the combined efforts of the Allied Forces successfully defeated the Axis Powers. However, what would have happened had the US lost in WWII? The map above shows how the states would have been divvied up in that scenario.

The map shows portions of the west coast, Hawaii, and Alaska in yellow. New York would become an international free port while the rest of the east coast, highlighted in red, will be split up among the Axis Powers. Right next to that, in blue, is a "buffer state" referred to as the "corridor of death" with its trove of steel, coal, and cotton. 

On the other hand, part of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona will also be stripped from the US, presumably going to Mexico. Meanwhile, a green zone in the north comprising of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island along with parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan will be given to one of the Axis Powers.

That leaves the rest of the area in the middle under the control of the US. The map was published on the Chicago Herald and Examiner on November 28, 1937. Thankfully, this alternate history didn't happen, as we can only imagine how the world would have been had that been the reality.

(Image credit: Vivid Maps)

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