Research Indicates Smartphones May Be Linked to 'Spermageddon'

There was this trend several months ago that said that global sperm counts have been drastically falling, and that this could be a sign that the future of mankind is bleak. Though there have been countries whose birth rates have been on a downward trajectory for several years and decades, is the threat of 'spermageddon' true and should people be concerned?

We might just shrug this off and say that the global population is large enough as it is, and it might be a great thing that birth rates are slowing down, so that we can better allocate resources and have enough for everyone. But researchers have looked into it, and acknowledge that men's reproductive health has declined over the past 50 years.

Some of the reasons suggested by researchers for the plummeting sperm count are the chemicals that we are exposed to throughout our childhood and adult life, the production of hormones in our body especially during pregnancy when testosterone isn't produced at the right time or not enough is produced, and lifestyles.

On that last note, a study from the University of Geneva wanted to find if there was any connection of this declining sperm count to our use of smartphones. Although they saw a link between smartphone use and sperm quality, it's not conclusive.

Other scientists not related to the University of Geneva study did say that it was very well-conducted but it cannot be considered the causal link. There might be other factors affecting sperm quality in men, and for any men who might be concerned, it would be advisable to see a doctor.

(Image credit: Luis Villasmil/Unsplash)

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Spermageddon. Right. Interested parties have been pushing that since 2017 when it was first debunked. Too much of a business opportunity methinks. And it is! Hopefully the Norwegians will get off their butts and finish their movie Spermageddon. From Wikipedia: The film consists of two plot lines, one focusing on a teenage couple having sex for the first time, and the other on Simon the Semen and his friends in quest for the Egg. The film has been reported to be "in the veins of Sausage Party" and described as "both a road movie and an epic adventure ... much like Lord of the Rings. Two of my favorite movies on opposite sides of the spectrum. What's not to like?
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