OpenAI CEO To Secure $100 Million To Scan Every Eyeball In The World

The man behind OpenAI, the company that has been spearheading the wide use of AI in different industries has more tricks up his sleeve. Financial Times has revealed that Sam Altman, the CEO of the organization, is in talks to secure around $100 million investment for Worldcoin. 

Worldcoin is another of his ventures that involve scanning everybody’s eye and exchanging their data for some amount of crypto. It aims to invoke OpenAI’s vision of powerful automation, and promises to usher a “path to AI-funded UBI.” Sounds a bit vague to us, to be honest. With how the crypto industry has been facing quite a downfall, the news of Altman securing $100 million in investment for his project is quite surprising. But it is a testament to how he can persuade investors and how much weight his name brings to the table. 

While the idea of scanning every single eyeball in the world sounds a bit tedious and ridiculous to achieve, Worldcoin has been making progress on its project. According to Fortune, roughly 40,000 people’s irises got scanned with the company’s orb-shaped device per week starting in March of this year, for an estimated total of 1.4 million people getting their eyes scanned. That’s a lot– but not enough compared to the 8 billion people on the planet. 

Image credit: Engin Akyurt

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We're on a road to 19,... 1984...And they will continue to get every single Iris pattern of every Human of intererst. However, i do not expect they have something good in mind. I would like to note that the swiss company named "Migrol" operating filling stations now uses an artificial intelligence program namend "PriceCast Fuel" developed by the danish softaware programmers "A2i Systems". Just to optimize the gas prizage for maximum profit. The moment you will understand the trap you maneuvered yourself into, is the moment you will also realize that you can no longer excape. Use this as point of sale device autentification to replace e.g credit cards, and a private form will be able to build up a complete bahavioral pattern of every human above an interest threshold income. Can you fhear the wispering of the dawn of a brave new world? And there is so much more to CFKU things up.
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-chuckle- Let's clear up a little of the vagueness. Consider this: UBI is not a substitute for work. The emphasis is on people's well-being as consumers, not the well-being that comes from having a job and doing it well. 
Dude has a plan that just might work. It's all about The Benjamin's baby. . .
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Oh yeah, some private corporation is going to offer us UBI (universal basic income) paid in cryptocurrency in exchange for everyone in the world's individual identification and personal data, controlled by artificial intelligence. Good luck making that work.
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