The States That Drink The Most Alcohol, Revealed

Spoiler alert: it’s certainly fun to drink in New Hampshire. 

In a new report published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, different states were rated based on how much people consume three categories of adult beverages in their state. These alcohol were beer, wine, and liquor.

Some factors of course have to be considered as to why some states rank higher than the rest. One of them is state liquor taxes. Because these rates vary from state to state, people might consume less alcohol in an area where the taxes are high, as it would translate to higher selling prices. Others who live close to a border may cross state lines for a less expensive bottle, which will add to that state’s number of consumers. 

One of the stand-out states is New Hampshire, as it consistently appeared in the top five in each beverage category. It ranked first in the beer category (1.89), second in the wine category (0.84), and second as well in the liquor category (2.10).

According to The Manual, the state’s tiny liquor tax is a probable explanation for their high rankings in the three categories. Aside from that, New Hampshire certainly has a lot of alcohol consumers. 

Delaware, Vermont, and the District of Columbia also appeared in the top five of the three lists. 

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Not. Even. Close. I'm in Southern Maine and used to travel quite a bit to and from Boston. A stop at the NH liquor store was pretty much de rigueur. You can always tell the out-of-staters; wine/liquor goes out by the case - a case holding a whole bunch of different stuff. And around the Holidays? Yikes!
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It's no accident that New Hampshire has massive liquor stores on both sides of I-95 at the Maine state line. Maine's tried to combat that for years but refuses to forgo the tax revenue. The Amtrak Downeaster runs from Maine to Boston. A few weeks ago, some idjit decided that for the 35 miles the train was in NH, alcohol could not be served unless it was purchased in NH. Amtrak gets all It's alcohol from Maine. That lasted about a week. As for beer, we're closing in on around 200 craft breweries. Most now have their own tasting rooms and are expanding into adding food. It's become a multi-million dollar industry and the beer for the most part is excellent.
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