Map of US Towns with the Same Name

When you read the place name Cleveland, which place do you think of? The big city on Lake Erie where the river used to catch on fire regularly? Me, too.

But there's also a Cleveland, Tennessee and a Cleveland, Mississippi. There's even a Cleveland, Texas (I've been there), five different Clevelands in Wisconsin for a total of twenty-seven Clevelands across the United States.

But which Cleveland do you actually think of when you read or hear the name? Pudding has crunched the numbers for towns in the United States with the same name. I'm skeptical of their methodology for answering the question, which appears to be driven by the length of Wikipedia articles about these various towns. Explore the site and see if you agree with the familiarity ranking of your town.

-via Kottke

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I tried Miami, because I'm from one and have visited a few others. It said that in Santa Fe County, "Miami" probably meant "Miami, NM". Having lived in Santa Fe County, I know "Miami" by default means the one in Florida.I also tried Springfield, because Simpsons. I didn't know there was one in Florida. It says that people in Leon County (another place I lived) would likely know about it over the ones in the Midwest.Still, it's pretty good given the simple model used.
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"Map of US Towns with the Same Name"

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