The Pigeon-Neck Illusion Plays With Your Perception

Jun Ono, Akiyasu Tomoeda, and Kokichi Sugihara developed this illusion that shows us how pixelated pigeons and worms move. When they move across a grid of stripes, the worms appear to stretch and compress, while the pigeons begin to waddle. The movement of the figures is actually smooth, as you can see at the top where pigeons move across a bare background. This is also shown later with UFOs. But the effect is much stronger at this interactive page, where the colors are bolder. The pixelated pigeons appear to be stretching their necks out as they move forward, but that's an illusion. Uncheck the "grid" box underneath the graphic to remove the background stripes. You can also adjust the speed and colors to see how that affects the illusion. The movement we see in the figures comes from the low contrast when the edges of the figures move across the stripes, as we have a hard time seeing that part of the movement. You can see another version of the same affect in the Stepping Feet illusion. -via Boing Boing 

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"The Pigeon-Neck Illusion Plays With Your Perception"

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