World Record Goldfish Caught in France

Around twenty years ago, Jason Cowler released a small goldfish into the fishery he owned in Champagne, France. He thought it would be something different for his customers to fish for. The fish grew to be quite large, and was nicknamed "The Carrot" after some rare sightings over the years. Now one of those customers has finally caught the fish at the BlueWater Lakes fishery. British angler Andy Hackett needed 25 minutes to reel the goldfish in, which was weighed at 67 pounds and four ounces! That is almost twice as heavy as the biggest goldfish ever caught previously.

The Carrot is a hybrid goldfish, descended from both leather carp and koi carp. Hackett was happy to pose for pictures with his huge catch. Otherwise, who would believe it? After the weighing and the pictures, the Carrot was released back into the lake. Maybe he'll grow larger before someone else catches him.  -Thanks WTM!

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Yes!! My husband caught the local fish from the bayou and added them to our pond and they were never eaten. The bright colors must have triggered the bird or animal making the goldfish really easy to see in the water. The goldfish also grew much faster than the local fish that tended to stay small for long stretches of time.
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That is one big booger of a fish. I had a plastic pond in my front yard that I stocked with inch long feeder goldfish. Over time they grew to be about 10 or more inches in length. One day I went out to feed them and they were all gone. Some bird must have had a ball eating them all or perhaps a raccoon. I restocked the pond and, sure enough, the next year they were huge and then they suddenly disappeared. I gave up after that.
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