Which Fast Food Outlets are the Fastest?

Drive up, place your order, drive further and pay, then drive some more and get a bag of dinner. Fast food has come a long way in the past 70 years or so, since the time you'd walk into a McDonald's and they slipped however many hamburgers you wanted into a bag from their pile of ready-made burgers. As you can see from this charted data from the top ten fast food chains, Taco Bell is the overall fastest, with KFC not far behind. That makes sense when you think about it.

Have you ever walked into a Taco Bell and had to wait for them to notice you while they concentrate on drive-through orders? There's your chance to watch what they do. They have an extensive menu, but those items are made from the same ten ingredients, just combined in different ways. There are small ovens designed to quickly heat food and melt cheese for specific food items, and each dish has a simple process for quick assembly. KFC is fast because they only serve one kind of main dish, and they make plenty of it in huge batches. I'm sure there are other factors involved in each chain's speed, too.

The chart above is from rosetechnology at the subreddit Data is Beautiful, using 2020 data from Seelevel and 2021 data from QSR. -via Digg

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I don't know that I consider Starbucks to be "fast food"...more like fast coffee. Their food isn't made there in any way...it's all pre-prepped and packaged. All they do is toss it a microwave and stick in another bag. I've only been to Chic-fil-A once- my son was terribly sick and it was the only place nearby that was open for me to get him chicken. The order took forever, and when I looked it was entirely wrong. Fast food joints, as the commenter above suggested, are only as good as their employees
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Hmmm, prolly depends on the quality of the people working at said location. I've been to fast Chic Fil A's before. Also I'd rather wait for Chic Fil A than get anything from a Mcdonalds. Taco Bell part sounds about right. People talk alotta smack about Taco Bells food but I duno I've never once ate Taco Bell and thought "this isn't good". Had alotta bad experiences from Mcdonalds though. Half the time the people working at Mcdonalds don't even know how to make the things on the McCafe menu. I feel bad for people whose only employment option is Mcd, so I never get mad about messed up orders.
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