Milko--The Czech Beer That Looks Like a Glass of Milk

Gastro Obscura introduces us to a particularly Czech way of pouring beer. Mlíko, which means "milk", is usually served as a pilsner, but the type of beer is less important than the way in which it is poured.

Pouring a beer from a tap is more than just flipping the toggle from off to on. It's an art form and the Czechs have mastered it. The mlíko is poured by opening the tap slightly and letting the beer foam into the mug.

When done properly, it tastes like a creamy "cloud of beer" rather than just airy foam. It's essential to drink this cloudy substance quickly before it settles, so it's not for slow, casual drinking while chatting.

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I have the complete Russ Cochran library of EC boxed sets, including the original MAD comic books that predated the magazine. I remembered the bupgoo and simply looked for it online, an excerpt of which I posted. Here is that link:
I feel your pain. My mother tossed out what had been a complete collection of Marvel Comics 1961-1967, probably worth 100's of thousands today. Those MADs would be worth another small fortune. Such is life.
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Wow! Thanks for sharing that. Did you save that article or did you find it verbatum on line? I was a MAD fanatic as a kid and into my late teens. I even did a homework assignment parodying MAD magazine with a Christmas theme. I had piles of MAD magazines, tons of Superman comic books (I really liked the Bizarro adventures) and anything Beatles like magazines, photos, posters. concert ticket stubs, etc until my mother threw my collections in the trash one day when she got mad at me. Her timing was perfect because the trash had been collected while I was away from home and much too late to salvage anything.
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I haven't a clue, but I'd bet on Bosco, although it has been a LONG time since I had any.
Here is the relevant part of the MAD parody:The Kurtzman-Elder collaboration can be seen at its best in Howdy Dooit, with its commercials for Bupgoo (“Bupgoo makes a glass of milk look exactly like a glass of beer!”) and Skwushy’s Sliced White-Bread (“If it’s good bread — it’s a wonder!”) and its maniacal contingent of children in the “Peewee Gallery,” an underage mob ready to overwhelm the repellent “Buffalo Bill.” When Buffalo Bill asks one sinister-looking youngster what he wants to be when he grows up (“A police chief? A fireman? A Indian? Or, [hot-dog], maybe a jet-fighter pilot? Huh?”) the boy replies: “Please, Buf­falo Bill, don’t be juvenile!… If one had the choice, it would probably be soundest to get into a white-collar occupation such as an investment broker or some-such! Of course… advertising and entertainment are lucrative fields if one hits the top brack­ets… much like Howdy Dooit has! In other words… what I want to do when I grow up, is to be a hustler like Howdy Dooit!” To which Bill replies: “But child… Howdy Dooit is no hustler!… Howdy Dooit is a happy wooden marionette, manipulated by strings! Howdy Dooit, child, is no merce­nary, money grubbing hustler… I, Buffalo Bill, am the mercenary, money grubbing hustler!” Seizing a pair of scissors, the child cuts Buffalo Bill’s invisible strings. As Bill falls limp and vacant-eyed to the studio floor, a raging Howdy Dooit screams for the cameras to cut.
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