The Difference Between Canada and the U.S, in Jewelry

Americans and Canadians are quite alike in most ways, but we recognize a difference in style. Despite sharing a common language, as a group, Canadians are more polite, and Americans are louder. But does that stereotype hold up in ways other than language? Say, in design? Yes, yes it does. Valerie Hammond is a costume jewelry dealer and an expert in antique jewelry. She has written extensively on the pieces designed by Montreal costume jeweler Gustave Sherman.  

During the heyday of G. Sherman & Company, which was the late 1940s through most of the 1970s, “The tastes of the Canadian market were different than the U.S.,” Hammond says. “I don’t mean to say that Canadian women didn't have style because they did, but it was more of an understated elegance, a little more ‘I’m going to wear this to church on Sunday’ than ‘I’m going to wear this to a nightclub.’ Not flashy, more genteel.”

Hammond takes us on a tour of the world of antique jewelry, and contrasts famous designers from Canada and the United States. She also updates us on what the pandemic has done to the antique jewelry business at Collectors Weekly.  

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I lived near Lake Charles, Louisiana for ten very long, very lonely years. Southern hospitality only applies to friends and relatives. We joined a church hoping to make friends. I can't tell you how many times folks said we should get together and nothing ever happened. I was having health problems that prevented me from attending church and the pastor told my husband she intended to come visit me. For 3 years she kept promising and she was a no show. As far as I can attest there is no such thing as southern hospitality for strangers.
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Canadians are more polite, and Americans are louder. 
This is one of those stereotypes that just is cute but just isn't true. Like "southern hospitality" - 42 years in the South I can tell you this is a lie. Much of that hospitality is fake, or in many cases, they don't even fake it. It's just southern toxicity right below the surface. Not that I'm always a perfect peach to be around all the time. But there's a lot of bitter people around here. Anyway, point I was going to make is that Canadians are super loud and toxic when online. But maybe that's from us americans riling them up, I duno. Anyway, it's probably therapeutic for Canadians. :)
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