Can You Drive a Car While Facing Backward?

This seems like a really weird question, but Tom Scott had it in the back of his mind since childhood. We get a quite detailed explanation why, which involves a bonkers old TV show, and then he has the opportunity to try it himself. The idea of driving while facing backwards was just a weird idea from the show, but can it be done in real life? Sure, as anyone who ever used a backup camera in a modern car will tell you. But Tom does it the hard way, by having a sponsor build him a vehicle in which all driving would be done by watching a video camera instead of the road. And it can go 50 miles an hour. What could possibly go wrong?  

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It should be no probelm.. It is just like long range reverse parallel parking.. You should be able to learn it in a few minutes or hours.. Only high speed reverse driving has the disadvantage that the car is basically instable. which sould also not be a severe problem in case you have power steering and avoid sharp high speed turns...
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Kinda reminds me when I learned to drive a forklift. The steering wheels are in the back but at least you're facing in the same direction of travel...
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"Can You Drive a Car While Facing Backward?"

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