The Twelve Principles of Finding Things

"Finding things" in this context is not about finding a job, or finding your true love. It's about finding things you have lost, like your car keys or the Scotch tape. You might start your search with a prayer to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. Or you could start by swearing. Professor Solomon has worked out a system for finding things, based on experience, that starts with neither of those steps. Many of them don't even involve looking, because frantically searching only leads to frustration.  

Each of the 12 principles have their own link. Here's the index, but each principle has a link to the next one. It's important to start with the first one and read in order. By the time you get to the 13th (yes, there are really 13), you should have found your item. -via Metafilter, where you'll find further discussion on lost objects.

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It could be the wee folk. They enjoy moving your keys and stuff but if you ask nicely they will bring them back. Also, if something's missing and you really want it back then perhaps prayer and fierce concentration will bring it back. That happened to me when I lost a silver figure from my charm bracelet. 3 weeks went by and I kept concentrating on having it come back. Then one day I go into the bedroom and sit down in a chair still wanting my charm back and it fell down from above me right on to my lap. So, crazy though these 2 cases might be, I have experienced both and I know they are real.
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Yea I have a principle of finding things. I left a usb stick at my local Office Depot recently, and I'm about 99.9% one of the employees stole it. Went back after 1 week because I realized the employee never handed it back to me, and magically nobody at Office Depot can find it. Even tho the Print Area (where I handed the usb stick to a depot employee) is very small, and customers can't even get back there. And there's only a handful of employees that even work in the print area. Sorry I needed to vent. They totally stole my usb stick.
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"The Twelve Principles of Finding Things"

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