50 Really Awkward But Memorable Moments

Everybody has done something so embarrassing that you just want to go home and hibernate for a few years. The best of those awkward moments are those that no one present can ever forget, so they surface on the internet ten, twenty years later, and everyone can have a laugh. Just be glad that your name isn't attached to the viral Tweet.

In this collection, some of the perpetrators are identified, because people do tell on themselves occasionally. Be prepared to laugh out loud at one or more of these 50 mortifying conversations, and just be glad that your most awkward and embarrassing story isn't included. ....unless it is. See the entire ranked list at Bored Panda.

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This post made me laugh so hard :D anyway, once one of my coworker in his 30's was met at the end of shift by a woman, I would guess 55 years old. Later I told him "hey, it's nice you mom came to see you!". He answered :"she's not my mom, it's my girlfriend ". Aaaand cut!
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In jr high I was taking a theatre class. The room was pie shaped with seats in the upper portion descending down to the lowest part of the room which was the point with a very small stage area large enough for a high bar stool and a piano. My teacher is perched on the stool. Students were clustered pretty close to the teacher except for one guy way in the back all alone. My teacher is talking, paused to take a breath and in the silence we hear a very loud sneeze. No one thinks anything about it until the guy in the back says "Nobody turn around." Which, of course, we all did in unison. The guy had his hand up to his nose and there, in full technicolor, was a huge sheet of snot covering his entire hand. He then took his hand and tried to fling the mucus away which landed on the chairs and the floor around him. Our teacher laughed so hard he fell off his chair and nobody sat in the back of the room for the rest of the semester.
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