Movie Theater Etiquette 1912

Theaters put their rules up on the screen before film showings to remind people to turn off their cell phones, keep quiet, and put their empty popcorn tubs in the garbage. The cell phone reminder is useful to those of us who never think about our phones until the ringer chimes. While most other rules seem like just common sense and common courtesy, we know there are plenty of people who have neither. And it was ever so. Even at the beginning of cinema, people had to be reminded that there are others in the room.

Marina Amaral collected slides that were shown before silent films in 1912 to remind people that while that hat is lovely, other theater patrons would like to see around it. You can see how how these slides worked to set the standard back when the movegoing experience was new. Sadly, some of these etiquette rules are still needed today, but you have to wonder if they do any good. On the one hand, someone who is prone to talk loudly over a film or harass other patrons is not going to be swayed by a posted rule. On the other hand, having the rules posted gives a theater owner grounds to evict a transgressor. See more of Amaral's collection of slides at Twitter or at Threadreader.  -via Fark

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"Movie Theater Etiquette 1912"

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