The Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

What was the worst Christmas gift you ever received? I don't recall any traumatic gifts, but once my boyfriend's cousin stopped at a convenience store and bought a 50 cent coffee cup because he didn't know I was coming to the family gathering until the last minute. I was touched, because he needn't have gotten me anything at all. But if you ask enough people, you will get some pretty horrific stories. An AskReddit thread posed the question, and generated more than 16,000 comments, many of them with awful gift stories.

People tell stories of receiving used gifts, unthoughtful gifts, and inappropriate gifts (a dish towel for an 8-year old?). Some stories involve bait-and-switch, when one gift is promised and another delivered. Others are sad tales of siblings who were obviously shortchanged in favor of another child. And some folks use the occasion to get rid of extra stuff lying around the house, like the 36-year-old man who received a kindergarten backpack that was rejected by a child years earlier. Read an overview of the top worst gift stories at Digg, or even more of them in the original reddit thread.

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One year my step mother in law gave me a straw hat decorated in orange, red and yellow flowers to be hung on the wall. She knew that I adore purples, blues and greens and cannot abide the colors on that hat. I felt obligated to hang it up in my house so it resided in the bathroom right over the toilet. When the year was up I burnt the hat.
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The worst gift you can ever get is a 10 dollar gift card from Best Buy. Why? because there ain't nothing at Best Buy for 10 dollars. Maybe there's a snickers bar at the cash register, but other than that, not a whole lot.
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