What’s Up With Disney’s New Pay To Skip Lines System?

Pay an extra $15 for a chance to skip the long lines in Walt Disney World! Formerly known as FastPass, the Lightning Lane is an unlockable feature in the Disney World app that lets users get into a shorter queue for rides. 

If you think that this paid function will let you ride the most popular rides at Disney World with ease, think again. According to Frommers, you need to cough up another $15 (yikes) to access the Individual Lightning Lane, a separate queueing system for these rides. Check out Frommers’ full article on these systems and how visitors are currently enjoying them.   

Image credit: Disney Parks

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THis system is so nice. But just in case it is possible to have enough people using the LLightnigLLine, it would be possible to completely stop the "non-LLightningLLine".. .This results in the situation where you have to use the LLightningLLine if you want to access a special ride at all. And Filnally you will have to pay and still have to wait as long as before the introduction of the LLightningLLine! It is such an evil and elegant approach to introduce "Pay Per Ride" through the backdoor... And to make things worse... During the rush hours when the preferred rides run into the LLightnigLLine only saturation, the waiting times of non LLightnigLLine rides will significantly increase so they will start to consider to introduce this concept step by step to all rides... The result will be a Pay Per Ride amusement part with additional entry fee..
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I never understood the concept of "pay to skip the people already in line". Like, aren't you further annoying the people who already paid to be in your park. You can't just magically create more spaces on the ride. People who are waiting 1-2 hours to get on a line don't mind the fact that people are just *showing up* and getting to ride? They must hide the lightning line away from the unwashed masses in the other line, cuz I'd be mad if I saw them.
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