This Guy Spends $150 a Year to Eat All His Meals at a Theme Park

In 2014, Dylan got an internship at an engineering firm in Santa Clarita, California. The view from his office included Six Flags Magic Mountain. He looked up the price of admission, and found a deal for a year-round unlimited pass for just $150. The kicker is that the deal included free parking and two meals a day! He jumped on that. Since his office was so close, he would pop into the park for lunch every day, and then again for supper on his way home. He would also occasionally enjoy one of the thrill rides. He did this every day for a year, which puts his cost per meal at less than 25 cents.

Dylan did the same thing the next year, and the next. You might think that someone would get fat or put their health at risk by eating that much theme park food, but you can't argue with saving money. Dylan was able to pay off his student loans, get married, and buy a house! He's still eating at the park by purchasing the year-round pass, which is still available even though the menu has expanded greatly. He doesn't eat there twice every day anymore, so he figures he's spent around 50 cents a meal over the years. What did he eat in all that time? Dylan explains his gastronomic adventures at Six Flags at Mel magazine.  -via Digg

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“The first year, the menu was kind of lame — all you could get was a burger and fries, or a pizza and breadsticks, or this pathetic sandwich and a refillable soda cup,” Dylan recalls. “ I duno that doesn't sound so bad :) I mean, devoid of fruits and vegetables, but he could've supplemented a little.
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That's $50 a day. I'm guessing they have lunch delivered, then have a couple of drinks with supper, and tip 20%.
Or if the coworker is taking a spouse out for supper every day, that would explain the cost.
I had a momentary craving for takeout last night, but they wouldn't answer the phone! Pretty soon I saw that it was because my phone battery was dying. By the time it was charged, the craving had passed. I thought, "Well, I just saved myself ten dollars."
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At first I was thinking, "You can't afford a house just by saving money on eating out." Then it mentioned a coworker spending $1500 a month dining out....What in the world were they eating for $1500 a month?
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