The Shooting Range that Crosses a Highway

At the Brünnlisau shooting range in Switzerland, the shooters are on this side of the road, and the targets are on the other side. Meanwhile, traffic is passing along in between. What could possibly go wrong? What might surprise you is that this shooting range has been in operation for twenty years with no incidents involving the vehicles passing by!

The explanation lies in the design of the shooting range and the rules that govern it. These rules are bolstered by the gun culture of Switzerland, in which shooters are numerous, but also highly trained and regulated. Also noted: this range has some very cool technology for scoring your shots.   

Europeans who saw this video tell us that Brünnlisau is far from the only shooting range in Switzerland that ranges across a road like this. They also had a laugh at Tom mentioning that it's about two hours from Zurich. The response was that every place in Switzerland is about two hours from Zurich, including parts of Zurich during rush hour.  

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I used to frequent a rifle range where the safety rules were lax. One day, the staff were doing some construction on the range and one person was using a bulldozer. The range safety officer asked shooters to temporarily stop shooting while the bulldozer drove across the field of fire. He didn't freeze the range and have all rifles unloaded, racked, and checked--he just asked us to temporarily stop shooting.
That's when I decided to find a better range--one where safety is taken seriously.
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I'm living on the US east coast, and I have many family members living back west, in South Dakota, that are pro-gun. Occasionally, the "Swiss-Stat" comes up, ie: the high rate of gun ownership. But they never talk about the training. To get a hunting permit in SDak, it requires a very short course - mine was 1-2 hours when I was only 14 years old. To become weapons trained in the USAF, I went through a weeks of training and qualification, mainly in the handling of the firearm so I didn't accidentally injure myself or others. But it's usually (not always) the family members with zero military service, and next-to-zero training, that are the most pro-gun. I have no reason to own one, so I don't have any.
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