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Streamer Freaks Out When She Finds An Extremely Rare Pokemon

“How rare is it?” you ask? It’s a 1 in 500,000 chance. Or if you want it in percentage, it’s 0.00002% chance of getting, and that’s why it’s understandable that Twitch streamer AjentVee freaked out when she found the Pokemon she’s been tracking down for the past month. The Pokemon gods have blessed her.

AjentVee has spent the last month or so tracking down a “shiny” Sinistea in Pokémon Sword and Shield as part of her overall goal to catch an entire Pokédex’s worth of these elusive, alternatively colored pocket monsters. But that’s not all: She also wanted her Sinistea to be “authentic,” which means that it’s one of the select few members of its species with a rare mark on the bottom of its teacup.
This means that every time AjentVee encountered a Sinistea, there was a one in 500,000 chance it would be both “shiny” and “authentic.” By her own estimation, it only took 4,000 attempts, so I’d say she got off lucky! Not only that, but the Sinistea that ended up being authentic was the first shiny she encountered that day, and at just 11 minutes into her stream at that.


(Image Credit: AjentVee/ Kotaku)

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Ahh yes, Watch someone play something you could instead by playing yourself. And something that doesn't involve high skill or intelligence or even technique... just patience. So you aren't even potentially picking up technique or how to or .. much of anything other than passing time? Watching something that needs patience above all other factors to play is perhaps another level of patience again, and all without the potential social exposure and physical exercise perk of playing the game yourself! Sure, sometimes they can be funny or have character, but to me "just 11 minutes into her stream" says more to me than the rest of this. I don't begrudge people doing or watching things they enjoy... but it's like kids being willing to spend so very much time just watching people play Minecraft on youtube. And consuming targetted advertising in the process. Seems far too passive an entertainment to be "paying for" to me. Boggles my mind.
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