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Are There Still Human Remains In The Titanic Wreckage?

In the 35 years that people spent diving to the wreckage of the Titanic, no human remains have ever been found or recorded. People are still asking the question of whether or not we may still discover the remains of the people who were onboard the iconic ship. The question has been discussed in an ongoing court battle to block RMS Titanic’s plan to retrieve the ship’s radio equipment, as Daily News details:   

Lawyers for the U.S. government have raised that question in an ongoing court battle to block the planned expedition. They cite archaeologists who say remains could still be there. And they say the company fails to consider the prospect in its dive plan.
“Fifteen hundred people died in that wreck,” said Paul Johnston, curator of maritime history at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. “You can’t possibly tell me that some human remains aren’t buried deep somewhere where there are no currents.”
The company, RMS Titanic Inc., wants to exhibit the ship’s Marconi wireless telegraph machine. It broadcast the sinking ocean liner’s distress calls and helped save about 700 people in lifeboats.
Retrieving the equipment would require an unmanned submersible to slip through a skylight or cut into a heavily corroded roof on the ship’s deck. A suction dredge would remove loose silt, while manipulator arms could cut electrical cords.
RMS Titanic Inc. says human remains likely would’ve been noticed after roughly 200 dives.
“It’s not like taking a shovel to Gettysburg,” said David Gallo, an oceanographer and company adviser. “And there’s an unwritten rule that, should we see human remains, we turn off the cameras and decide what to do next.”

Image via Daily News 

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In the picture there is one of the odd anomalies of the Titanic wreck.
The pairing of shoes.
Turns out that treated Patent Leather has nothing that will eat it. The patent process makes the leather incredibly slow to biodegrade on its own and there are next to no microbes that will tackle it.
Patent leather was incredibly popular at the time, so once the bodies drifted down they landed with their shoes on and then everything from bone to teeth was devoured leaving only the shoes to show where the body lay.
Macabre isn't it.
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Maybe... i think it may not be fully excluded that there may be some human remains buried deep in Davy Jones's locker... but i expect that it is quite inprobalbe that any digestable material can be found within the upper layers of sediment, as hagfish and other micro organisms would have taken care of most of them long ago... otherwise the oceas floor would be covered with the bones of dead wales ..
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Pretty much impossible, considering how fast the ocean life would consume it, and how quickly the ocean carries things around. There are several replies from experts on this if you google the question.
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