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This Sanitizer Turns Water Into A Disinfecting Solution

Did you know that water can turn into a disinfectant if electrolyzed? Regular tap water turns into a non-toxic disinfectant that’s capable of instantly neutralizing any microorganism or volatile organic compounds. Electrolyzed Water is capable of killing bacteria and viruses, and is certified by the FDA. Now you can get your hands on it through a small spray can. The EO Mini turns water into the solution, as Yanko Design details: 

Just fill its vessel with regular tap water and the EO Mini’s tiny electrolyzing system creates electrolyzed water in a matter of seconds. Most tap water comes with trace amounts of chlorine in it, which the EO Mini’s internal electrolyzer breaks down to create Hypochlorous acid – which gives the electrolyzed water its disinfecting abilities. A single button on the EO mini allows you to electrolyze the water (by holding it down for 3 seconds) and spray the EO Water solution on your hands, cutlery, handles, spectacles, smartphones, laptops, and even out in the air.
By shrinking the technology into something that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, the EO Mini allows you to carry your safety with you. It can be used at home to clean surfaces, or even outdoors, allowing you to quickly sterilize your hands, your mask, and even frequently-touched objects like the handle on the shopping cart or the keypad on an ATM. By eliminating the use of off-the-counter sanitizers, the EO Mini does two noteworthy things… It provides a healthier and more potent alternative that’s safe for humans and animals, all along while using any regular tap water, saving you money on sanitizers down the line!

Image via Yanko Design

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I miss the old concentric connectors that only plug in one way. We didn't have to go to D-shaped rectangles. They could've standardized all connectors for width and length and maybe texture --at, say, an inch or two wide and an inch or two deep-- and if the device itself is smaller than that, then build it inside the connector. But whatever it is, it should be cheap, shoot mist or sparks or misty sparks, smell like pennyroyal and cure all disease.
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I've got a trick too! I'd normally charge for it but I'll be nice and give a freebie. Plug a power board into itself and you get free power!(if it doesn't work you either plugged it in wrong or didn't believe hard enough and it's your own fault)
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I was also curious about that. So I decided to look up the numbers. The EPA has established that the maximum chlorine level in water shouldn't exceed 4 mg/L. Electrolyzing tap water with the max level of chlorination allowed gives you a .0002% solution.of hypochlorous acid.

I'm seeing various strengths of commercial product that have about .008% to .05% hypochlorous acid. So, even the wimpiest sanitizer I found is 40 times stronger than what you can produce with this device. Sounds like a sales pitch for suckers to me.
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Speaking of rackets, I have a battery-powered high-voltage electric fly-swatting badminton racket that uses somewhat the same principle to cure AIDS, autism /and/ COVID-19 by electrifying seventeen molecules of water vapor in the air into hydrogen peroxide. $1.99 in Chinatown in 2008, before there even /was/ any COVID-19. And you can hit a (very slow) fly with it, and also knock over potted plants or a lamp, dang. And play badminton and shock the shuttlecock at the same time, so /it/ can fly away across the net and cure autism and warts by remote, way over there.
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