Here’s 2020’s Most Delightful Trend

Look, we’re halfway through 2020 and we can all admit that this year hasn’t been really great for us. With the rising conflicts around the globe, also with the current pandemic forcing us to stay at home for our safety, news and trends tend to be a bit depressing. It seems that there is one trend that’s happier than most: the comeback of drive-in movie theaters. Vogue has more details: 

the drive-in has returned with a force over the last few months, popping up outside a diner in Astoria, on the waterfront in Greenpoint, and attracting a crush of new patrons in states like Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, where a few theatres have remained in operation all along. (Over the decades, the format had fallen out of favor for a few different reasons; among them the costs associated with projecting digital film, and the rise of mall culture—which allowed patrons to shop, eat, and catch a movie all in the same place.) Embracing the trend, Tribeca Enterprises announced a new “Tribeca Drive-In” series, rolling out across venues in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and Arlington, Texas over the next month. (A portion of the programming’s proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter.) “The Tribeca Drive-In series is a tribute to movies and the shared experience of watching them, even if from our cars,” Tribeca Enterprises co-founder Robert DeNiro said in a statement.

image via Vogue

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What about conservatives that have killed 10018 last year because of their love for guns?I mean if we're just throwing around unsubstantiated accusations here, let's go for it!
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WTF? About a week ago I read this delightful little post with some great pictures in the linked article; smile and move on. It's "Top Commented" so let's check that out. . . We're linking drive-ins to Marxist terrorists? Neato's never been much for politics and I seriously think some people need to get outside and detox a bit.
And it's like the article said. The Empire Strikes Back played locally last weekend. I'd love to show the current generation how really fun it used to be - smuggling people in the trunk and all - but alas, pricing is now per car so that no longer works. . .
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Its actually quite insidious how these "protests" work. First they bring in the peaceful protestors as a front to show they are peaceful. Then they block highways, disrupt businesses, and agitate police for hours and hours and hours and hours until finally (because we're all human) someone gets violent. Then everyone gets violent. Then the violent protestors and looters follow in after the peaceful protestors. So you see it all comes in layers, and it prays upon the fact that human nature (after a period of agitation) breaks. No matter how good a person is. And that's how they are easily able to show law enforcement as "bad". And when the smoke clears, nothing has changed. Why does nothing change? Because if I, for any reason, dislike someone, that almost never means I dislike entire group of people. It just means I dislike that one person. But the protestors manipulate your emotions with imagery and small video clips. The reality is that, we all dislike someone in our lives. But that doesnt mean you dislike their entire family, or entire communities, or races. It just means you dislike that one specific person. And no one in the media is willing the admit the truth that I'm telling you right now. Because once you commit to selling lies, you can't just suddenly start selling the truth. Ask CNN.
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