A Simulation of the Evolution of the Universe

Billions of years ago, there was nothing in the universe, and everything began with a bang. The Big Bang. Billions of years later, here we are on this Earth, and above us are numerous stars, planets of varying sizes, and dust clouds. But what happened in between? The Illustris simulation of the universe gives us some answers through this video with amazing music.

The Illustris project exhausted 20 million CPU hours in 2014 following 12 billion resolution elements spanning a cube 35 million light years on a side as it evolved over 13 billion years. The simulation tracks matter into the formation of a wide variety of galaxy types. As the virtual universe evolves, some of the matter expanding with the universe soon gravitationally condenses to form filaments, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies.

Truly magnificent.

(Video Credit: APOD Videos/ YouTube)

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"A Simulation of the Evolution of the Universe"

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