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The Proper Use of Pineapple

Like all morally decent and physically attractive people, I enjoy pineapple on pizza. Ideally, genetic engineering will make this Maximumble cartoon a reality. Better yet, it may permit me to make a pizza with a single pineapple slice a the crust. After adding tomato sauce and cheese, let this optimal pizza be topped with an additional slice of pineapple.

That is hilarious.
I feel sorry for the ones who have abnormally, tragically mutated tastebuds and think that warm, mushy pineapple is an excellent compliment to pepperoni and tomato sauce. The juice of the pineapple itself takes over, muting and mutilating the otherwise deliciousness of the pizza, the worlds most perfect food. Never let these people pick restaurants, meals, recipes... basically any decision that has to do with food. You just never know what abstract concoction they'll think is reasonable. While they're going "mmmm, isn't this delicious?" you're wondering how you can fake an illness out of the blue, or how you can sneakily dispose of what's on your plate. Where is that hungry dog that is otherwise always staring up at me from under the table while I'm eating? Even it has run away from such a culinary disaster, that it's pretending it needs another nap.
Standalone pineapple as a snack on a beautiful summers day however, is absolute perfection.
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I love this cartoon.... even though "quatto formaggi" is my favourite choice, i enjoy some pineapple and brine-cured ham on a pizza from time to time.... Anchovis are also a very delicious choice.... i once was on vacation in italy and they offered sfilacci de caballo on a pizza and also pizza with french fries... As long as there are people wanting to eat pineappe or whatever on their pizza just let them... And if there wouldn't be a market for pineapple-pizza it would have perished a long time ago....
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"The Proper Use of Pineapple"

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