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Futuristic Vehicle Designs That We Might Drive On The Moon

Colonization of the Moon and other planets has been a trend not just in science fiction, but also in scientific research. 

Living on places other than Earth truly is a fascinating idea. In order to dwell in extraterrestrial places, however, we will need special equipment to survive in their conditions. We also need special vehicles to traverse the terrain of these aforementioned bodies in space.

Lexus had its design team make concepts of vehicles for moon mobility. Check them out over at Ars Technica.

(Image Credit: Lexus/ Ars Technica)

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Fortunately, moon transport devices will be looking much more follow the design rule "form follows function". Even though the devices look somehow "cool", these things will not happen. In Wikipedia article "Commercual lunar payload services" it is states that: "NASA is assuming a cost of one million dollars per kilogram delivered to the lunar surface. (This figure may be revised after a lunar landing when the actual costs are available.)" That is approcimately 1000$ for every single gramm... Then you just think ten times before wasting a considerable part of your budget on funnny colors and cool layout.
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Scientists: "The terrain on the moon is incredibly rough, sharp, and wears things much faster than Earth terrain because there is no erosion to soften edges."
Lexus Designers: "Let's make it so you drive on a glass sphere that you also have to look through!"
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