Garbage Trends From 2019 That Need To Die

What's the most annoying trend from 2019 that you recall? Think carefully, eating Tide Pods was completely over sometime in 2018. Still, there are plenty of things that were all over the internet in 2019 that we can do without going into the new year. So let's say goodbye to them. Even if they began several years ago, we've had enough by now.

Oh, there are more than you think. See 28 things that we need to leave behind at Cracked.

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I agree with Edward - most of these are just being grumpy. The complaint about distressed jeans is eye-rollingly similar to complaints in the 1980s about jeans sold with holes already in them. The complaint about face tattoos echos earlier complaints about having visible tattoos, or (earlier) having any tattoos at all - only sailors and criminals had them, and the Bible prohibits them. #27 complains about "Ok Boomer" while #4 uses "Ok Boomer's" cousin "Karen". . #12 starts fine - don't make cheap shots period, I think - but ends flat-footed with the inference it's okay for Trump to make cheap shots at Thunberg.
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ster·e·o·type "a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing." Every human being I've ever met had stereotypical views about something, and they themselves lived a stereotypical life. So when you say stereotyping needs to die, you'd have to nuke the planet from orbit. Also how bitter and depressed would a person have to be to call for the end of other peoples gender reveal parties for their own children? It's literally no ones business except for the parents and family.
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