A Boy In Japan Found A 50-Yen Coin And Turned It Into The Police

When a boy, with her mother, found a 50-yen coin ($0.46) lying on the ground in the park, he insisted that he turn the coin into the police. What’s more, the police responded in a way that impressed the mother.

Japanese mother and Twitter user @amazakeiko learned first-hand how nice the Japanese police can be…
“My son found a 50-yen coin at the park. He said he wanted to turn it in to the police box, so I took him over to one. Multiple policemen came out and listened to his story, then recorded the place and time he found it on an official document. Then they handed him a pencil and said, ‘Can you write your name?’ My son eagerly took up the whole signature space with his big hiragana letters.”

She continued her story in another tweet:

“The oldest policeman said to my son, ‘I’m impressed by your actions today. I’ll always remember what you did.’ I felt really bad for all of the trouble they went through for just 50 yen, but I was really happy to see how seriously the adults listened to my son, and how proud my son looked to be able to write his name.”

I’m really amazed by how the Japanese can pass their values to their children.

(Image Credit: SoraNews24)

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any chance those japanese policemen don't have to deal with black men who despite being only 5% of their population commit 55% of their murders, oh yeah, thankfully they don't have any at all so there's no worries about murders at all
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there aren't many black men aged 16 to 45 in japan who despite making up only 5% of the population commit 55% of the murders like in the USA, so there is that
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