Examining The Cybertruck

On November 21, Tesla’s Cybertruck was unveiled. The Cybertruck is said to have an “armored” glass. However, the unveiling went horribly wrong when an assistant managed to break the truck’s window with a rock. So much for Elon Musk’s big claims. Still, it might be that the Cybertruck truly is a revolutionary truck in more ways than one.

That angular body—already massively controversial in truck nerd circles—is actually the exposed stainless steel monocoque frame of the Cybertruck. That promises to be enormously strong, incredibly safe, and resistant to dents and corrosion. It should also prove to be very lightweight, which is good because those angular lines are disguising the dimensions of what’s actually a very large vehicle.
Production on the first versions of the Cybertruck won’t begin until 2021, and last’s night’s reveal was thin on details like exact size or weight. But Motor Trend suggests that the truck’s wheelbase is at least 150 inches long, and we know the bed—err “vault” in Teslaspeak—is 6.5 feet in length. So this thing is at least as large as a full-size truck like a Ford F-150.

More details about the truck’s features over at Outside.

What are your thoughts about the truck?

(Image Credit: Tesla)

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Tesla is so full of shite on this one, even beyond the "bulletproof" windows. Modern cars have curves in the bodywork, because that makes the metal stronger. a flat sheet with no bends is easy to crumple, unless you make it thick. So I just don't buy the claim that this thing made entirely of flat panels is both strong and lightweight. And a truck bed that you can't fit a 4x8' sheet of plywood in is not "full-sized.
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