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23 Strange Things About Life in America

YouTuber bored1980 is from New Zealand, lived in Europe for years, and has now moved to Florida. A lot of things in America struck him as really strange. The biggest number of them have to do with cars and traffic, which is not surprising. What color are taillights in other countries? He is confused about tipping early in the list, then later marvels at what great customer service America has. Hmm, maybe its because they need you to tip. And yes, ignoring climate change is a Florida thing. The rest of us are concerned. -via Digg

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1.)I agree tipping is strange. And frankly, many people don't deserve a tip. And frankly, a person isn't bad if they don't tip.2.)I actually thought everyone used red indicators. Hm.3.)I'd say 99% of people I've ever known don't dry outside. Even in the 80's everyone had dryers.4.)I don't use solo cups because I'm not 19.5.)Agree that american driving is chaos6.)Completely agree. American politics is a low-vibration past-time for people who refuse get on with their lives and learn a skill/trade.7.)Not a big car guy so whatever.8.)I think you've convinced me we need roundabouts9.)ya turn right on red is legit10.)I duno I kinda hate drive-thrus. Mainly because I'm normally not driving, and the person ordering is not speaking clearly. And the person working the drive thru is like What? Huh? and getting everything wrong. I almost always elect to go inside.11.)We agree with you. It seems everyone is speaking a different language in america. Literally.12.)I kinda wish we were brought up on the same measurement system as everyone else. I duno - just seems more efficient.13.)100% agree. And the fact everyone just blindly pays absurd prices for things that should be much cheaper. I have no idea. I have a free government phone and a free google number.think ill stop here :>
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I think he means “turn signals” when he says “indicators”. Indeed, they used to be a different color from the brake lights and the backup lights.
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