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The 50 Most Important Websites of All Time

It's been 50 years since ARPANET got one computer to communicate with another computer on October 29, 1969, laying the foundation of communications that would eventually give rise to the internet. It was quite a few years before that method of communication became available to the general public in the form of the World Wide Web, and engineers had no clue as to how we would use it. In celebration of the milestone, we get a condensed history of websites. These are not the most popular or the longest-lived, nor are they ranked, but a timeline of the websites that changed the way we live, work, and communicate. The first is CERN.

December 20, 1990 didn’t feel historic at the time, but it was the day a British computer scientist in the Swiss Alps published the first-ever website at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

From his NeXT computer, Tim Berners-Lee published, appropriately enough, a primer on the web, explaining the concept of hypertext and describing how to set up a server.

But Berners-Lee didn’t share the site with the public until a year later, when he told his friends in the alt.hypertext newsgroup about his creation. It would take another couple of years and the arrival of the first “killer app”—the browser Mosaic—for the web to catch on.

In 2013, to mark the 20th anniversary of making the web available to anyone, CERN recreated the original website in all of its black, white, and blue glory.

Check out all 50 websites and how they shaped the internet at Popular Mechanics. Some you've forgotten about, some you may've missed completely, and some are still thriving today.  -via Digg

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I agree with you some of the sites just feel like filler. It also is a very "eye of the beholder" list. I don't think it has very clear details on what makes a site "important" vs. any other site.
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As someone who's been on the internet since 1994, this list kinda sux. At least 25 of these sites I've never been to - and out of those some of them are ultra leftist. I'm not saying you can't be leftist (do you, boo) - I'm saying most people who use the internet - or have ever used the internet - wouldn't find Salon or Gawker useful or important. Also Gawker ruins peoples lives by posting lewd photos without permission, which is why they don't exist anymore. So, I AIN'T calling that "important". That's just me tho. EDIT: If I'm being fair, Drudge Report shouldn't be on there either. For reasons I don't have to explain I hope.
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