Vegan Woman Took Her Neighbors to Court for Cooking Meat Barbeque

Cilla Carden, a vegan from Perth, was frustrated with her two neighbors cooking meat barbeque in their own backyards. This moved her to bring them to court!

According to Carden, she couldn’t enjoy her backyard walk anymore because she can smell the smoke coming from her neighbors’ barbeque. She even claimed that they deliberately allow their barbeque smoke to waft into her yard.

After her claims were rejected by a tribunal earlier this year on lack of evidence, she applied to the Supreme Court of Western Australia for right of appeal. It was also turned down in July.
Lawyer John Hammond said going to the Supreme Court was an “extreme option” — but it hadn’t stopped Ms Carden from further appealing the case.
She told Nine News she believed her neighbors were “absolutely deliberate” in allowing their smells to cross into her yard.

It’s absolutely okay to demand for your right to live your life in peace. But where do you draw the line so as not to deprive others their right to enjoy their own lives as well?

Find out more of this story here.

Image Credit: Nine News

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Ugh, what a nut.
There are far too many people who expect that their views be respected, but don't feel the need to reciprocate that mentality. You tend to see this a lot with religion. Although I'm atheist, please, feel free to believe in whatever sky wizard or ancient alien you wish to. But also respect that just because you believe it, doesn't mean I want to/need to and I'm quite fine with my own beliefs, and I'm not wrong just because they differ from your own.
Not saying that if somebody has the belief that they should play loud music at 3am I need to respect that. But things that fall within the law as tolerable actions and viewpoints should be tolerated... even if it's against what you want.
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Honestly if I had a neighbor like her I would constantly be cooking bacon with a fan to blow it towards her place.If I had neighbors like them I would bring the drinks.
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