A Uniquely Canadian Bumper Sticker: Sorry For Driving So Close In Front Of You

Q: How do you get a Canadian to apologize?

A: Step on their foot.

Canadians apologize so much that they had to pass a law called the Apology Act of 2009 that saying "sorry" (as "an expression of sympathy or regret") is not "an admission of fault or liability."

via u/Jhuderis

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New Yorkers do have the reputation of being rude, but it's more correct to view them as direct. They dispense with pleasantries, but they're actually quite helpful.
As a young student fresh out of college, I found myself stranded in the airport in the middle of a snowstorm in New York. The flight couldn't get out, but a bunch of people realized that they could rent a car and drive to our destination (which was just a few hours away). They asked me if I needed a lift (which I accepted gratefully) and took me along. The entire exchange was very helpful (they even refused me trying to pay for my part of the car rental) but very direct. There was no sympathy in the fact that I was stranded. Instead, they offered solutions: "Hey you, you need a ride? Yes? Let's go."
That changed my opinion of New Yorkers.
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We have visitors from 'south of the 49th' and they're always surprised and pleased by how polite they find Canadians. That's nice. Not so nice is when my family drives to Niagara Falls and goes across to the U.S., and we're irritated and bummed-out by how rude Americans are. Or is it only New York State?
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