The Rod of Asclepius Isn't the One That You Are Thinking About

We often think of the symbol for medicine as the staff with two snakes wrapped around it but that isn't the right one. The rod of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing and medicine, actually only has one snake entwined. The rod with two snakes is called a caduceus and it was the one used by Hermes, the Greek messenger god.

Just like Hermes Asclepius was also linked to snakes. One story has a snake licking his ears clean and in so doing giving him healing knowledge. Another story has a snake giving him a herb with resurrecting powers. For whatever reason, Asclepius would show his gratitude to snakes by carrying a staff with one snake on it. Not two. One.

So why do we confuse these two symbols? Read more on Mcdreeamie Musings to find out.

(Image credit: WHO/Wikimedia Commons)

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"The Rod of Asclepius Isn't the One That You Are Thinking About"

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