China’s “Love-Pursuit Train” Brings Young Men and Women Together: An Attempt to Tackle its Sex Problem

China is currently experiencing its lowest marriage rate in 11 years due to lack of interest in marriage among the young people, especially women. Aside from this, there is a huge imbalance between the sexes, men being 30M more than the population of women. And most women focus more on their careers than building families.

In 2015, the government ended its decades-long one-child-only policy after realizing that a marriageless and childless society will not sustain the People’s Republic. In line with this is the government’s effort to become more intentional in promoting marriage among the citizens. They launched a matchmaking train to help young men and women fall in love.

Last August 10, there were 1,000 singles that boarded the train. Ice breakers and fun activities during the trip helped them to know each other better, with the goal of developing romantic relationships.

"These activities are more creative than matchmaking. The train is like a bridge, bringing people from different places together, to get to know each other during the journey," said Huang Song, one of the participants on the Love-Pursuit Train. "Even if you don't find the right one for you, you can still make a lot of friends on the train."

So far, the love train is working and the two-day train trip has brought together hundreds of people, and some even got married.

Photo by China Daily

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"If the planet implodes under the monstrous weight of human overpopulation..." We're still a really, really long way from the entire planet being overpopulated by humans. Residents of Manhattan, not counting any tourists = 70,000 people per square mile.Residents of Earth, if the entire human population all lived in Texas = only 25,000 people per square mile. And the world outside of Texas is really, really big.
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No doubt that the one-child policy has a big impact on the Chinese birthrates (especially in the rural areas). But now, even with that policy being relaxed, many people actually opt to have just one child (or none at all) due to rising economic costs and the expense of living in many of China's metropolitan areas.
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On the whole, yes, China has a lot of people right now. But lowered birthrates mean that there's going to be a future economic problem where there's a lot of older people of retirement age and a lot less younger people of working age. I think the government recognized that, and is trying to re-balance the population mix (to what degree of success, I don't know).
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