27 Facts That Will Make You Look At The Wizard Of Oz Completely Differently

The Wizard of Oz premiered in August of 1939, making the classic movie 80 years old. What better time to learn some trivia from the film production? There are enough behind-the-scenes "secrets" to fill books (and they have), a few that Neatorama readers already know, and some that will be new to you. Here's a taste:

1. Remember Dorothy's infamous ruby slippers? Well, they were originally silver.

Just like in the book, Dorothy's shoes were really silver. But because Technicolor was a new and exciting thing during this time, MGM studio head, Louis B. Mayer, thought it would be cool to test it out...ultimately changing the color of her shoes.

22. Dorothy and Scarecrow were originally supposed to be romantically involved.

In earlier versions of The Wizard of Oz scripts, Dorothy and Scarecrow form a love connection. Obviously, the film went in another direction. Maybe that's why Dorothy said she'll miss him most...or maybe it's because he was her first friend in her Emerald City journey. I guess we'll never know.

Read a roundup of trivia from The Wizard of Oz (with links for further reading) at Buzzfeed.

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