This Automated Cat Toilet Will Relieve You From Kitty Litter Duty Forever

Sifting through you pet cat’s litter box can be quite a task, so wouldn't it be nice if they can have toilets of their own? However, it would kinda be awkward if  you and your cat share the same toilet - so maybe the wish can be altered to a kitty litter box that sifts on its own? If so, then this automated “cat toilet” may pique your interest! 

Cat Robo is a high-tech cat toilet that automatically does the litter sorting for you! The device will rotate once your cat leaves, putting all the contents of the litter (and your cat’s finished business) into an opening that can catch the hardened dirty kitter litter and then placed into the bottom of the unit. The clean litter will return back to its place, where it awaits your cat’s next call of nature. 

This device is available for 58,000 yen (US$532) from Nissen - an investment for you and your cat’s convenience! 

image credit: via SoraNews24

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That's a crazy method:

Don’t be surprised if you hear the toilet flush in the middle of the night. A cat can learn how to do it, spurred on by his instinct to cover up. His main thing is to cover up. If he hits the flush knob accidentally and sees that it cleans the bowl inside, he may remember and do it intentionally.
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Or you could save the $500 and just teach your cat to use the toilet. Here's jazz legend Charles Mingus' method:
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