The Story Behind the Funniest Baseball Card Ever Made

Keith Comstock played for four major league teams and way more minor league teams in his career. While he was a pretty good pitcher, he is best remembered for a picture. His baseball card for the 1989 Las Vegas Stars is considered the funniest baseball card ever officially issued. It shows him reacting to being hit in the crotch by a baseball! Comstock tells the story of how that image came about.   

The photographer who showed up that day was shooting for the 1989 ProCards set, so we were doing this for next year's cards. He had his hat backward, like you might expect from a photographer. While that guy was setting up for the shoot, my teammates started talking about how they wanted to sabotage their own cards.

One by one, they stepped up and posed. Right-handed batters tried to hold the bat like a lefty; left-handed pitchers wore right-handed gloves. They tried everything. The photographer caught every one of them. He had a sheet, or something, that had our numbers and lefty-righty stuff on it. He was really, really strict. He wasn't having any of it.

Finally, it was my turn. The photographer asked me what I wanted to do, expecting I'd do one of the basic poses. I thought about it for a second, and then it came to me: "I want it to look like a comebacker hit me in the nuts," I said. The photographer didn't like that. "Sorry, man," the guy said to me. "I'm under strict rules. I can't take that picture." I pleaded with him, but the photographer wouldn't budge.

So how did he manage to get the picture taken? That is a great story, told at ESPN. -via Digg

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