Is Yogurt The New Remedy For Cold?

Medicine can be quite expensive, especially for not-so grave sicknesses that come to anyone. For colds, some people prefer to chuck it up to rest and acetaminophen, along with other herbal alternatives to ease the symptoms of the cold or try to not prolong the sickness. It seems that CNN’s Lisa Drayer has found a new alternative remedy to a cold, and it’s both common and comparably cheap in supermarkets: 

"When it comes to yogurt specifically, I'd say there's not a lot of research that we can point to that indicates yogurt reduces symptoms of a cold," said Mickey Rubin, vice president of nutrition research for the National Dairy Council. That being said, "There are some things (in yogurt) we can point to that, in theory, would be beneficial."

Yogurt has probiotics (an immune system booster), zinc (another immune system booster) - which can also reduce the duration of cold symptoms. But more research is needed to actually make sure that yogurt can be the next remedy for a cold, as Rubin tells CNN. Here’s Lisa Dryer’s final advice on yogurt and colds: 

So choose yogurt for its soothing texture and nutritional attributes, which include calcium and vitamin D, along with possible cold fighters like zinc and probiotics -- but not necessarily as a primary therapy for a cold.

image credit: via wikimedia commons

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