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Uber Driver Gets A Message From A Woman Asking Him to Pretend to Be Her Boyfriend

<p>The world isn’t all that bad. It is common knowledge that there are a lot of bad people out there, such as creepy guys who can’t take “no” for an answer. However, there are a few...

Library of Congress Looks for Volunteers to Transcribe 16,000 Suffragist Papers

<p>Historical documents could give us one perspective about events that happened in a particular period of time and it has been difficult to understand the context of a certain event without any evidence or...

Finding Inspiration in Rembrandt

<p>The master artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn has made some of the most moving and innovative works of art in history. He has done paintings, sketches, and prints about a range of subjects from portra...

The Falling Cat Phenomenon

Why do cats have nine lives? Because every time they fall off precarious heights, they always seem to land on their feet. When scientist-inventor Etienne-Jules Marey first observed this, he started to make experiments by...

French Inventor Flies Over English Channel on a Flyboard

<p>After his first unsuccessful attempt, Franky Zapata has finally achieved his goal of crossing the English Channel by <a href="

Very Little High-Density Gas in Distant Galaxies Explains Low Production of Stars in Space

<p>Even though there are millions of stars in the universe, it is quite curious that there aren't a lot of new stars being born. One possible reason could be that <a href="

Ugly Gerry: A Font Made Of Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

It's here. GERRY. A font created by your congressional districts. Log on to and use the font to tell congress how happy you are that your vote doesn't matter.

How Scientists Colorize Space Photos

<p>Did you know that the Hubble Space Telescope only takes photos in black and white? Scientists only add color later by using a technique that imitates how our eyes see color.</p><blockquote>On...

The Mysterious Neolithic People That Gave Rise To Ancient Egypt: Who Were They?

<p>We usually associate Ancient Egypt with pharaohs and pyramids, which belong in the Dynastic period which starts about 3,100 B.C. But unknown to many, behind this ancient civilization were mysterious Neol...


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