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This Map Shows That US Has 11 ‘Nations’

It has been a long-running debate on exactly where the different regions of the United States start and end. 

To address the issue, author Colin Woodward made a map showing that the United States can be divided into 11 distinct sub-nations. 

Woodard mapped out the regions in his 2012 book " American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America." 
"In order to have any productive conversation on these issues, you need to know where you come from," he said. "Once you know where you are coming from, it will help move the conversation forward."

Here are the 11 sub-nations according to Woodward:

  1. Yankeedom
  2. New Netherland
  3. The Midlands
  4. Tidewater
  5. Greater Appalachia
  6. Deep South
  7. New France
  8. El Norte
  9. The Far West
  10. The Left Coast
  11. First Nation

Head over at Business Insider for the detailed description of this 11 sub-nations by Woodward.

Image: Colin Woodard

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Honestly, Travis, read the book. It's so much more nuanced than that and clearly explains why all of America has never been, and most likely never will be, truly united. It's literally the embodiment of the blind men and the elephant metaphor -- we are all looking at the elephant through entirely different perspectives; our "truths" will never be self evident to the other "blind men." The history and development of each "nation" caused it to develop in entirely unique ways.
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Thanks. I'll check it out. I used to teach US History when I was in grad school and I referenced Joel Garreau's book in several lectures.
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I have read and re-read Woodard's book -- I can honestly say that have never read anything that so perfectly explains the history, present, and future of America. (Hrothgar, this book exceeds its predecessor -- and Woodward acknowledges the previous concepts on this idea.) I truly believe that it should be the textbook for American history in all High Schools. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone -- you can probably get a copy at your local library -- I've studied history for many decades and this is one of the best. (And no, I have no association with the author or the book -- I was just blown away by its presentation of facts.)
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I always see these maps and get the feeling they are written by folks on the East Coast who start to divide up the country by if you say Hon or not. I think there more nuance and geography needed to define these countries. However this is how the rest of the world was divided up by the European powers so I guess I should be grateful for the experience.
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