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Ancestral Europeans Are Not as “Pure” As You’d Think

Scientists have now debunked a major fuel to the fire that is white imperialism and racism: the existence of ‘pure Europeans’. National Geographic details the wonders of paleogenetics and DNA identification, and how technology was able to swipe the notions of European purity to dust.

New evidence suggests that ancestral Europeans are in fact a culmination of different races and cultures:

Their findings suggest that the continent has been a melting pot since the Ice Age. Europeans living today, in whatever country, are a varying mix of ancient bloodlines hailing from Africa, the Middle East, and the Russian steppe.
Three major movements of people, it now seems clear, shaped the course of European prehistory. Immigrants brought art and music, farming and cities, domesticated horses and the wheel. They introduced the Indo-European languages spoken across much of the continent today. They may have even brought the plague. The last major contributors to western and central Europe’s genetic makeup—the last of the first Europeans, so to speak—arrived from the Russian steppe as Stonehenge was being built, nearly 5,000 years ago. They finished the job.

All these pieces of evidence point that Europe is a continent of immigrants and that there is no such thing as ‘racial purity’ - unlike what some people love to insist.

image credit : Rémi Bénali via National Geographic

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While I agree with you for the most part, I think there is a benefit to articles like this.
I don't think it's about people who won't change. It's about everyone else. If it can help arm people with knowledge before they encounter someone who will try to steer them towards race-based groups, it might just make a difference.
Though, I think you're right about likely site demographics. I doubt many racial supremacists would visit here regularly and they certainly wouldn't read an article like this.
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There's an extremely small percentage of white nationalist (and black nationalist) people who think in these terms. Do what you will, but I don't think articles like this are promoting anything positive. People who are racially-toxic are determined to be so, and these articles will not sway them. They do not visit centrist/rational places on the internet.
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I take heart that we are all so interconnected. After all we're only human and we're the only humans we know. It is a big cold universe out there and we need each other. Our differences can help the whole human race if we put our minds to it. Of course I'm an optimist.
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