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The Deadliest Countries in the World for Different Modes of Travel, Ranked

Before you travel, you might want to read this article over at the South China Morning Post by Jamie Carter.

A survey by 1st Move International ranks the world’s most dangerous countries by mode of travels - trains, planes, and automobiles - based on the number of accidents and deaths since 1968:

   1. USA - 10 accidents, 4 200 deaths
   2. SPAIN  - 7 accidents, 1367 deaths
   3. JAPAN - 3 accidents, 946 deaths
   4. INDONESIA - 5  accidents, 873 deaths
   5. NIGERIA - 5 accidents, 787 deaths  

Here is a list of the five most- accident-prone airlines, for your consideration:

 1. American Airlines - 5 accidents, 2578 deaths
   2. Aeroflot - 4 accidents, 718 deaths
   3. China Airlines - 3 accidents, 692 deaths
   4. Pan Am - 3 accidents, 758 deaths
   5. Malaysia Airlines - 2 accidents, 537 deaths

In addition to air travel, the article further ranks the five eadliest national rail systems in 2018:

1. India - 2 accidents, 59 deaths
2. Turkey - 2 accidents, 33 deaths
3. South Africa - 3 accidents, 20 deaths
4. Taiwan - 1 accident, 18 deaths
5. Egypt - 1 accident, 15 deaths

Lastly, should you decide to go driving around for your next getaway trip, here are the five deadliest driving destinations in 2018:

1. India - 150,785 deaths
2. China - 58,022 deaths
3. Brazil - 8,651 deaths
4. USA - 35,092 deaths
5. Indonesia - 31,282 deaths

Do remember that these statistics are here not to scare you, but to make you aware of the situations and precautions one must take on traveling. Travel safe, kids!

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Yes, the raw counts make it pretty much inevitable that the countries that have more of a given mode of travel are going to be high up in the ranking for accidents from that mode of travel. I have to agree that accidents and deaths per passenger-mile (or thousand miles, or whatever returns an easily-comparable number) is going to be a much better metric.
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So, don't visit the most populated countries because so many people die there, and don't use the biggest airlines because they have the most accidents? And don't use your time machine to fly on Pan Am, which went out of business 18 years ago.
That is, these all need to be scaled by population, or "passenger-miles" or something else to make them reasonably interpretable.
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