Archive for March 28th, 2019

Company Offers $66,000 To Travel The World And Eat Vegan Food

Sorry meat-lovers, but this offer isn't for you! A British company wants to hire someone to [travel the world eating vegan cuisine for $66,000 plus all expenses paid.](

Walkers vs. Standers on Escalators

Common etiquette says that we should stand on the right side of an escalator, so people who are in a hurry can walk past on the left. However, studies show that this method is neither efficient nor safe. So how did we co...

50 Pets Caught in a Glitch in the Matrix

(Image credit: Nat Miller)Digital cameras scan a scene from side to side to record an image. In panoramic mode, they scan quite a distance to capture, say, a landscape. But if someone, or something, moves while the scan...

Cleverly created storage spaces

Storage space in a home is very precious and lack of it at times causes things to lie around and create clutter. How about a solution? [Article](

Ancient Royal Document From 819 Years Ago Found In Cardboard Box

An original royal charter from the reign of England's King John has been found. The rare charter was not previously known to have survived, but [an excited historian spotted it in a cardboard box.](https://news.s...

Milton the Monster (1965-1967)

Ah, back to the halcyon days of my youth, when I never had to worry about anything more severe than getting my homework done so I could watch TV. I'm ashamed to say that one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoo...

Why Some Asian Accents Swap Ls and Rs in English

It's become a stereotype that Asians mix up the R and L sound when speaking English. That's a minor problem compared to the weird sounds coming from English speakers who attempt, but don't quite get, Asian tonal language...


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