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If America Were Socialist

Trying to paint a picture of a socialist America is like looking at a Jackson Pollock. You have to be able to pick apart the pieces and individual elements that make up the whole movement to get to a more defined image of what that would be. Many thinkers, activists, and politicians who supposedly ascribe to a socialist version of America don't exactly see eye to eye on what the end goal is. What would a socialist America look like?

There are still a few countries in the world that consider themselves socialist. China was communist but in the past 20 years, it has adopted a more capitalist economy with the political structure of socialism. Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam, and Laos are some other socialist countries, and apart from Vietnam, the economies of the other countries still seem bleak. Would there be any benefit to transitioning into a socialist or communist type of system? First of all, what does socialism even entail? That's the question that many are trying to consider in America especially with the discussion garnering more discussion and being pushed to center stage with the presidential run of Bernie Sanders.

The fact is, many people have grown restless and frustrated over the current system that barely meets their needs. And that has gotten them to thinking about the alternative, whatever that may be. So, if not capitalism, what is the alternative? And if it's socialism, what does that entail?

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if socialism is a borderline retarted gas lighting lying bartender and a straight up crazy fully insane propaganda monger fossil, then yeah clearly it's not ready nor was it ever
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Saying "if America were socialist" is like saying "if America were capitalistic". First of all, the conversation requires a lot more nuance than this. As other commenters already said, every person has a different definition. And every person goes deeper on each subject.
The other problem is that, in order to truly understand the nature of reality, you must be able to hold two opposing ideas in your head at the same time. What do i mean by this? A person who loves capitalism and meritocracy spends all day making money. And what's the first thing he/she does when they get home from work? They spend the rest of the day engaging in socialism. You can't be one or the other. Humans are naturally social/gregarious. Capitalists make money all day, and then they spend all their money on their kids/wife/husband/charities/etc in a very socialistic way. "Americans" actually don't mind socialism - as long as they are the ones redistributing everything. That's what's insanely annoying about people "on the right" claiming socialism is evil and it ends in starving and other people's money blah blah etc. Anyway, I've made my point. America is - and always was - capitalism and socialism at the same time. You wouldn't want to live in a world with no socialism - it would be horrific.
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No apologies needed. It'll all work out - that's what we do (except for maybe the two-party/PAC stuff). The alt-right Tea Party crap has pretty much run its course. What happened there is now what's happening on the left and that too will not succeed. The only thing left will be moderation - give some take some.
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The fact that it's legal for individuals of influence and corporations to donate to candidates and parties (yeah I understand the non-direct payment legalities of corporations and unions, but those seem to be easily skirted when looking at financing), makes for a system that obviously doesn't meet the needs of the people, but the corporations. It's legal bribery, and greed wins. That and a two party system (Ross Perot was the only serious independent in my memory... really, Ross Perot?). Kodos and Kang knew the game.

Unfortunately it's a system that leads to being completely dominated by corporate welfare. Lobbying should be illegal. It should be criminal. So should SuperPACs (and that's not just a US issue).

Never mind the fact that an election takes 2 years, that there are ways to blacklist groups of potential voters to skew votes, or that politicians can change election boundaries in ridiculous manners that benefit their party. To name a few.

United Corporations of America! (and the people)

Geesh, this is the second day in a row where I've posted general negativity towards the US. Apologies Americans, I swear I have no hate towards you in general. Just some policies.
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