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Titanic Sinks in Real Time - 2 Hours 40 Minutes

You've heard the stories, you've seen the movies; now you can watch the sinking of the RMS Titanic in real time, if you've got 2 hours and 40 minutes or so to spare, that is.

There are other simulations of this kind but this is the best IMHO, as the others are too realistic; when the Titanic's lights finally fail, we can see nothing from that point on because there was no moon that night.

Give it a view and imagine yourself aboard that ship and without a lifeboat.....

(I've always speculated that I could have found something substantial (doors?) onboard that would float and keep me alive until rescue came. How about you?)

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so the bodies would have made it to the bottom, interesting

Yeah, this guy on youtube had a video and was trying to tell his subscribers that no bodies would've made it to the bottom cuz the femur is the strongest bone in the world and all the others wouldve destroyed cuz of the pressure. Your explanation sounds a little better tho.
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Well, this site gives ticket cost data:

Actually, most if not all bodies of those drowned (i.e., without lifejackets) would have sunk to the bottom since once the lungs were filled with seawater, the body would be denser than seawater. The hydrostatic pressure would not have 'destroyed' the bodies since, if the lungs were filled with water, the bodies would then be incompressible. And, not only would aquatic life have stripped the flesh, but the calcium-deficient seawater at that depth would have soon dissolved the bone, leaving no trace of human remains.
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I read this super interesting internet page called Titanic Facts (i think it was called). One of the things that stuck with me was "an expensive ticket to hell". First Class paid 4100 dollars per ticket, second class I think paid like 1700. Also, based on how deep the water was, none of bodies would have made it to the ocean floor (except for completely shattered). The pressure alone would've destroyed the bodies before they hit the floor. Also the ocean animals would've stripped everything clean. Titanic is such an insane thing to think about.
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