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Shoes or No Shoes Inside the Home?

Most Asian countries, especially east Asian cultures, would often ask their guests to remove their shoes when entering the home. It is not just because they don't want to get their floors dirty but it is a custom that shows a sign of respect for the one receiving you into their home. But are there any scientific evidence that would make things clearer which is more beneficial? Find out more on Live Science.

(Image credit: Pat Kwon/Unsplash)

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Bah, take your shoes off at the door! The hell is the matter with you? Thinking you can track outside dirt all through my house. Take one step in with any outdoor footwear on and I'll make sure to tell you to take them off. Want to wear shoes inside? Bring a completely different pair that are spotless on the bottom, or slippers. Whatever. I walk around inside my house in my sock feet, or bare feet in the summer. The floors are clean.

pfbtbtbt... shoes in the house.

On a serious note, Ontarian here, and I don't know a single household, be it friends of family, that allow shoes in the house. Parties/lots of people over, included. Maybe a persons rustic cottage, from like the entry door and in the kitchen, would be an allowable place... but definitely not in a house.

I legit think it's weird that shoes in the house is even a thing besides those times when you're in a rush, already in the car, then remember about that 'schizzle' on the counter that you were supposed to bring with you. Run in, grab it, run out.. shoes be damned... can wash the floor later.
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Sweden and Norway are also take-off-shoes-in-the-house countries. Though the linked-to article does say "for the average household, shoe bacteria don't pose an immediate risk", so it's unlikely that that's the reason.

Minor complaint: the article mentions there are more germs than "even the surface of a toilet". Every (pop science) article I've seen on the topic says that the surface of a toilet is one of the most sanitary places in the house. So not a good comparison.
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