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Rare Fanged Pterosaur Once Flew Jurassic Skies

A new discovery by researchers from the University of Portsmouth have found a flying reptile that once soared through the skies in the Jurassic period. It is a unique species of the pterosaur as they have fangs that would allow them to catch prey securely compared to other giant, flying dinosaurs which somewhat resemble birds' beak-like structure in that respect, except more elongated.

"Klobiodon has been known to us for centuries, archived in a museum drawer and seen by dozens or hundreds of scientists, but its significance has been overlooked because it's been confused with another species since the 1800s," paleontologist Michael O'Sullivan of the University of Portsmouth, said in a statement.
O'Sullivan and his colleagues discovered that the bones belonged to a new species while combing through more than 200 specimens from the English slate layer in order to fit them all into a family tree.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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Then following science and/or philosophical skepticism, there are no facts anywhere and everything is speculation of varying certainty. But many of us don't like having useless words, so instead of reserving "fact" to mean something unattainable, we just use it for something above some debatable threshold in certainty.
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Unless the teeth injected venom, they're not fangs. I wish people could understand that. Fangs are hollow. Dogs, cats, bats, tigers, lions, bears.... none have fangs. Just sharp teeth. Snakes, spiders, water beetles... yeah, they have fangs.
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Well to be fair they found petrified bones of a animal they never saw alive. They will present all speculation as fact, but it will never will fact.
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