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Why You Should Be More Scared of Netflix

Streaming has become the trend nowadays and Netflix takes a big chunk out of that market. Not only does it give you the best blockbusters on-demand, but it even creates its own content that would suit a variety of tastes and preferences in the market. And it only costs less than $20 a month!

But there's something that we need to worry about when it comes to this entertainment giant ...

Todd Van Luling wrote this intriguing article over at HuffPo Life:

Just because individual users don’t share so-called fake news or problematic content on Netflix as they do on other platforms, that doesn’t mean Netflix isn’t offering what can also be considered “fake news” and problematic content.
Look at the myriad documentaries and docuseries Netflix adds every month, many of which make dubious claims that wouldn’t withstand scrutiny from a fact-checker. (Often, Netflix will deem new documentaries and docuseries as Originals even if it didn’t have a major role in their creation, essentially putting its stamp of approval and ownership on these dubious pieces of journalism.)
Last year, The Ringer examined the various conspiracy documentaries Netflix and its competitors hosted, including multiple films that argued 9/11 was an inside job by the U.S. government. (Netflix has since removed the most troubling examples.) Earlier this year, Slate had a follow-up that examined the less overtly insidious conspiracies Netflix has peddled, such as those involving aliens and the pyramids or powerful cults that rule the world. Many of these documentaries can still be found on the service.

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Great article and the author nailed it with his observation of Reed Hastings' comment: “It is controversial. But nobody has to watch it.” Same as the gun lobby saying "Guns don't kill people. . ." In the business world all great and powerful companies eventually fail, either through complacency or abuse of power. That comment was arrogant and uninformed; spoken (potentially) at the height of Netflix's power. They should be careful.
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Those of us who have been around for 60 years got an education that did not involve a social media feed, are mostly competent with regard to critical thinking, and can intuitively detect questionable content by going no further than an overview. At 30 years or more, a significant number of people fail at all three. It's more than critical thinking and it can be fixed, but it will take at least a generation to overcome.
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why do you care if there are documentaries on there of dubious claims? those things have been around as long as I have been alive and I am 60 years old. People should be allowed to make up their own mind. Believe me, just because it says Netflix original doesn't mean squat. there are a lot of fiction Netflix originals that are pretty bad so there is no way I would assume the factual ones are any better. Instead of trying to censor what people see, try teaching people critical thinking. that is a way better way to protect people from dubious documentaries.
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I duno, I have a all-or-nothing view about this. Nearly every person on facebook, twitter, twitch, and youtube (on one subject or another) is spreading conspiratorial opinions/claims. Even if casually. If we're going to police Netflix on this, then it's only fair to police every person and every service. Just seems odd to police 1 specific source, when that would do almost nothing.

In fact, if we know anything about conspiracy theorists, they double down when called out.
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