Archive for November 3rd, 2018

Customers Buys All the Donuts So Donut Shop Owner Can Leave Early to Visit His Ailing Wife

For 28 years, John and Stella Chhan, husband and wife owner of a donut shop in Seal Beach, California, have been helping their customers. But a few weeks ago, people started noticing that Stella had been absent...

Finns Don't Do Small Talks

Hate small talk? You're not alone ... turns out there's an entire _country_ of people that don't like small talk: Finland. Here's how Laura Studarus of BBC Travel [describe what it's like there](

This Cat Sure Loves His Space Heater

Ryuji Tan adopted a stray cat named Busao, and now the cat has fallen in love ... with a space heater! Warm, quiet and completely loyal? Well, I understand completely cat. Good choice! More of Busao the cat over...

I'm a Crepe, I'm a Weirdough

This bagel shop wishes it was special! via [u/noahsygg](

Material is Surprising Music Video

The band Flasher couldn't decide what style to use for their video for the song "Material," so they used all of them. If you've used YouTube a lot, you'll recognize many of them. Honestly, this one fooled me in a few pla...

Breaking Down the Three New Tiers of Economy Fares

First, there was First Class and Economy. Your choice. Then came Business class somewhere in between. Now, three US airlines (American, Delta, and United) are splitting their Economy class flights into three sub-sections...

Frontier's Funny Flight Attendant

When an aspiring standup comedian takes a day job as a flight attendant, you can get safety instructions that are worth listening to. That's the case for this Frontier Airlines flight to Colorado Springs.  Passenger...

The Brave Cats of War

Cats have taken part in war since ancient times, although their use was often more gruesome than heartwarming. In the 20th century, though, we had quite a few morale-boosting stories of cats that made the global news dur...

U.S.A. Song Map

The art collective Dorothy has constructed a map of the U.S. filled with song titles! In fact, song titles are the only text, but you won't have any trouble negotiating your way around. You'll be surprised at how many so...


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