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Woman Charged with Pretending to Practice Witchcraft

Here's an unusual story: a Toronto woman was charged with fraud and pretending to practice witchcraft after she allegedly defrauded an elderly man. She told him that he needed to sell his house to get rid of evi...

Jackie Will Go Far in Life

via [u/daflumpdude](

Dog Drops His Ball Over the Fence to Get People to Play with Him

Someone snuck a video of me! Woof @dog_rates #GoldenLove #goldenretriever— Riley (@ImRileyRoo) October 23, 2018 [Riley the Golden Retriever]( lives on a...

1774 Rebel Newspaper Donated to Goodwill

Someone in New Jersey donated a framed old newspaper to Goodwill. It's an original page of the Pennsylvania Journal and the Weekly Advertiser newspaper, dated December 28, 1774! The articles in it show how angry...

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Has a New Mascot: Pink Sea Cucumber

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force in the Sesabo region has got a new mascot: pink sea cucumber. Why pink sea cucumber, you ask? [@mondomascots]( explai...

Bricks Made From Human Pee

Students from University of Cape Town, South Africa, have created "bio-bricks" made from human urine. >The world’s first bio-brick grown from human urine has been unveiled by University of Cap...

Pangolin Men of Zimbabwe

In collaboration with the [Tikki Hywood Foundation](, wildlife photographer [Adrian Steirn]( documented the "Pangolin Men," a group of...


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